• My trip to Mui Ne Hi everyone. Welcome back to FoundVu’s blog. I am so excited today to take you through my trip. Where is it? It is Mũi Né. Mũi Né is located in South Vietnam, a six hour bus ride from Hồ Chí Minh city. How to travel
  • market
    A countryside transformed into a bustling market The Vietnamese countryside is usually shown as picturesque, peaceful and beautiful. However… in reality, the countryside is a busy place for many locals. Rolling hills filled with rice, bicycles meander down the lanes and crickets chirp in the long grass. This image was
  • Printing doesn’t have to be just for the pros I’ve never had so much time on my hands has I have done recently. During the 15 days of Social distancing in Vietnam, I have had a lot of time at home. I have used this time to be as productive
  • Superheroes wear masks during social distancing We know this is a tough time for us all across the world under Covid-19 pandemic. Here in Vietnam we have to observe under 15 days of social distancing laws. According to the directive, people are restricted from leaving their homes; all shops and
  • Hotpot: a meal for all the family One of the great things about hotpots is that you can have it every day and it will still be as interesting and delicious as the first day. We are just entering the summer months in Vietnam and hotpots are still popular all
  • A wonderful trip to Mai Chau Are you tired of your work?Do you want to travel somewhere to refresh yourself?Do you want to get out of the busy city at the weekend? Mai Chau in North Vietnam is a great destination for you. We set off at 9am, and arrived

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