#7 Marvellous Mũi Né

My trip to Mui Ne

Hi everyone. Welcome back to FoundVu’s blog.

I am so excited today to take you through my trip. Where is it?

It is Mũi Né. Mũi Né is located in South Vietnam, a six hour bus ride from Hồ Chí Minh city.

  • How to travel there?
  • Where to stay?
  • Places to visit?

Now let get started!

1. How to travel there and Thanh’s top tips.

From Ho Chi Minh city, it takes 5.5-6 hours by bus to get there. There are many bus companies for you to choose such as: Phuong Trang bus, Hanh Café bus, Trung Nga bus, etc. We have arrived in Ho Chi Minh city at midnight so we decided to pick the earliest bus – the Trung Nga bus. We set off at 4am in Nguyen Cu Trinh street. They are sleeping buses so you can have a small sleep on the journey.

The price for a ticket ranges from 130k-150k VND per ticket from Ho Chi Minh city to Phan Thiet city. From here, you need to take a taxi to Mui Ne, about 15-18 km to the center of Mui Ne.

Thanh’s top tips is: Choose the earliest bus from Ho Chi Minh city because you don’t want to spend all day travelling, do you?

2. Where to stay?

We booked our hotel on booking.com. Our hotel was called MiNhon hotel. Honestly, I thought this was a homestay or a resort, not a hotel. I enjoyed staying here so much. If you ask me to say 3 words about this hotel, I would say: green environment, friendly staff and relax atmosphere. All surrounded by green trees, there is a pool and free bikes for you to ride around.

Mui Ne

We paid 525k vnd/ night for this amazing hotel. I would 100% recommend it for you.

3. Places to visit:

There are some places that MUST visit in Mui Ne;

  • One of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam.
  • The white sand dunes.
  • The red sand dunes.
  • Fairy stream.
  • Fishing village.
  • The local beach.
  • The white sand dunes and one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam

The white sand dunes are about 35km from the center of Mui Ne and if you want to see one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam, from the white sand dunes, drive about 7-10 km more to the road named Bàu Trắng- Phan Rí Cửa. And when you see 2 yellow cars in 2 sides of the road which sell drinks, you are there.

We had to set off at 4:30 am. Yes! 4:30 am but you will not regret it.

You can enjoy the scenery of the most beautiful road in Vietnam, take some photos and go up to the sand dunes.

7am and it feels like 12pm at the sand dunes, so we decided to leave and head to the white sand dunes.

At the white sand dunes, we have to rent a jeep with someone to drive us to the dunes, it is 100k/ person to go to one place, if you want to go to one more place which is near the lake with beautiful view, it’s 100k more. I think because we drive a bike to there, we deal direct to people there, so it’s cheaper. If you rent a car from Mui Ne then rent a jeep to go to the white sand dunes, it’s double price, it’s 200k/ person/ 1 place and 300k/person/2 places. Wahooo! We got a good deal.

The journey in the jeep is very interesting, I had never been in a jeep and driving on sand like this before, a bit scary but very enjoyable. And from here, we can see the beautiful views.

  • The red sand dunes

It’s not as far as the white sand dunes, about 10km but we still go early to avoid the sun. We set off at 5am and we were there at 5:30. But guess what! So many people were there already. It was busy.

We had really funny moments there by sliding on sands. I’m not sure why but watching people sliding was really funny.

There are also beautiful, peaceful places around that are empty.

  • The fairy stream.

After walking in the sun on the sand dunes, there is no better way to treat your sun burned feet other than by walking down to the cool stream- known as the fairy stream.

There are different shapes made of water fall down from the top. The water fall down from the top made different shapes of white sands, then the red sand from the top come, it makes the beautiful combination of white and red sands. The stream running in the bottom makes the natural and beautiful images where you will want to step in. There are different plants all along way to the stream for you to discover. I think you would find something interesting here. Walking down to the cool stream, listen to the birds sounds around, that’s Mui Ne peaceful part.

  • Fishing village

I Rode a bicycle to the fishing village and from the street on a hill I looked down, there is a beautiful view.

We are at the fishing village at 6am and we catch the busy moment of the fishing market. It is very busy and very local.

Nothing better than fresh seafood yeah? Thanh’s top tip for you to get the fresh seafood here is: Go here early and buy seafood from local people who just caught last night from the sea. Then bring that to the restaurant on the beach and ask them to cook for you.

Here is what we got. Very cheap and very fresh. How much did we spend? Have a guess!

It’s 1,020,000 vnd about 43 USD for a big seafood meal for 3 people.

Many people stopped and asked us where did we get it from.

  • Ride a bike around

One activity that I really enjoyed is riding a bike around. We could ride to the fairy stream, to the beach, to the fishing village and even to the bar or restaurant. We could ride to everywhere, park it anywhere and we didn’t need to worry whether someone will steal it.

In overall I would rate this trip is 9/10. The only negative was the bus ride.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading. Check my vlogs if you want to watch.

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